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Terrestrial VSAT Services

BeamSat offers designed solutions for VSAT connectivity based on project specified requirements. We supply Dedicated, Shared, SCPC, Carrier-In-Carrier, Meshed and Star Networks satellite communication links.

Our team of engineers ensure accurate link-budget designs are generated to provide the most commercially effective solutions.

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Shared Services

Network shared services are entry level services for clients seeking low-cost access to satellite telecommunications.

These satellite communication links are sold by the size of the link and a ratio with which they are contended (2:1, 5:1, 10:1) with other VSATs on the satellite network.

Each service option provides a CIR (Committed Information Rate) and an MIR (Maximum Information Rate) to the user for the download  and upload by/from the VSAT. The CIR is calculated as the MIR divided by the contention of the service provided.

As an illustration, a client purchasing a 1024/512 kbps VSAT link at a  2:1 contention will receive a Committed Information Rate of 512/256 kbps (1/2th the MIR) and the link will be able to burst intermittently up to the maximum link size of 1024/512 kbps.

Network shared services offer variable link speeds that range between the CIR and the MIR allocated speeds. The variation between the two speeds is dependent on the congestion within the network. For this reason, it is often likely that a VSAT will obtain its MIR more frequently out of peak usage hours when fewer users are using the network resources.

For consistent link speeds throughout the day, network dedicated services or private VSAT links are required.


Dedicated Services

With over a decade of experience in the industry, our aim is to provide the best satellite telecommunication services to our clients based on the most efficient use of modem and satellite technology available within the requirements and financial budgets assigned.

We provide services for all sectors of the industry whether they are mobile, fixed, permanent or part-time requirements.

Part of our success in the provision of services is an open dialogue with our clients enabling us to fully design a solution tailored to our clients business models incorporating present and future growth as a key focus within the design phase.

It is our aim to keep the hardware costs of links low by incorporating as much re-use where possible of device agnostic hardware (Antennas, BUC’s, LNB’s) already owned by our clients.

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