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Rain fade at Ku-band is not as sever as Ka-band. With the addition of current modem technology providing ACM (Adaptive Coding Modulation) and AUPC (Automatic Uplink Power Control) rain-fade doesn’t pose an issues to the operation of correctly configured Ku-band systems.

Ku-band hardware is generally cheaper than C-band hardware as the antenna and feed-horn required to operate at the higher frequency are smaller in size reducing the material costs of the manufacturing process.

Basic hardware requirements to connect a standard terrestrial Ku-band VSAT to an existing STAR network are:

  • 1.2m parabolic Ku-band antenna
  • 3W Ku-band BUC
  • Ku-band LNB (in range required)
  • Transmit and receive cables
  • A modem compatible with the network chosen (iDirect, Newtec, etc.)

This is the basis for a VSAT operating with a download of up-to 8Mbps and an upload of up-to 512kbps.

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